13th July    Day Trip         Open House Day Faversham                                                    All day

6th August      Walk        Kensington Gardens and Holland Park                         Start 10.45am

7th August     Talk          Round the World in a Double Decker Bus      8.00pm St John Fisher Hall

11th August   Picnic      St. John’s Jerusalem                                                          12.30  onwards

18th August  Open Garden Forge House, Forge Lane, Horton Kirby, Kent DA4 9DR    2 -  5pm

5th-8th September            Holiday Alsager Cheshire and Beyond

10th September   Talk   The Fabulous 50s          8.00pm St John Fisher Hall

12th September  Walk    Hampstead and Kenwood House                                          10.45am

4th October     Guided walking tour of Gravesend                                                         11.30am

9th October      Talk A Motor Cycle Adventure          8.00pm St John Fisher Hall

16th October    Day Trip      Old War time House          All day (By Train)

2nd November      Orchard theatre – Woman in Black                                                  2.30pm

12th November  Talk  Curious Flanders                    8.00pm St John Fisher Hall

17th November  Walk  Longfield and beyond                                                              10.30am

26th November    Walk  City of London & Temple of Mithras                                       11.00 am                                                                
8th December                   Alberello ONLY if you have made booking personally

11th December                A Pre-Christmas Get Together                                               7.45pm


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